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About Cheer Pizza

Welcome to one of the best Pizza Restaurant in Punjbi Bagh, New Delhi. Pizza has been and always will be one of the most popular dishes around the globe. A simple and fast to make product, that comes in many variations, styles and flavours. Just like the Pizza itself, we originate from the heart of Italy serving traditional Italian pizzas with a modern twist.

We cater to all the pizza lovers out there who crave a slice of sizzling hot pizza right away, without having to wait in line for a table or a seat. Also providing online pizza order in Delhi NCR, Just choose a topping and grab a fresh slice of our delicious pizza straight out of the oven. Ideal for people in a rush our square shaped slices can be casually held in one hand and compare to a round 7 inch pizza. Still your hunger in between working hours or get some strength before continuing your shopping spree with a quick stop at Cheer Pizza.